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Slate is known for our reliability and transparency. Our relationships are built on trust and honest discussions, ensuring our clients understand that we are fully committed to the safety and success of their organization.


Our team has over 20 years of experience securing Federal, Commercial, and Private organizations, including U.S. intelligence agencies. Our clients know that we have the solutions for all security situations that may arise.


Slate provides high-quality, thorough security solutions. We approach security from a holistic perspective, starting with your culture and leading into the managerial, technical, and operational aspects of your organization.

Case Studies

Healthcare Provider Prepares for Third-Party Audit

Healthcare providers need to take special care when it comes to securing their systems and protecting patient privacy. In this case, Slate was engaged by a mid-size healthcare provider to address significant gaps in their security posture that left them vulnerable for an attack. Our team elevated them to a new security posture in preparation for a third-party audit performed by their business partner, that provides medical information to their organization. We performed a critical control assessment to assist them in the process of preparing for the audit.

Once the assessment was completed, our team provided a scorecard as a starting point to build a program that encompassed the appropriate industry controls to mitigate risks and protect PHI/PII within the organization. As a result, the healthcare provider was able to pass the audit and maintain a high level of security with minimal risk.

Law Firm’s Approach to Mobile Users & Data Protection

Law firms are at significant risk of data breaches that not only jeopardize losing the personal information of clients, but the entire reputation of their firm. In today’s mobile world, law firms are especially vulnerable to significant data breaches because attorneys and administrative staff are working with highly sensitive information and communicating across different technology platforms. In this case, Slate helped a law firm develop a program for the use of personal devices in and out of the office. Our program defined what data is to be stored on different platforms including remote and mobile devices, how it has to be protected, and how long it would be stored, along with other important parameters specific to the firm.

Slate helps law firms protect their data regardless of whether your employees work in or out-of-office. This case is just one example of a security control our team can assist with during assessments and Security Program implementations.

Private School’s Need for an Incident Response Plan & Security Program

Private schools are common targets for hackers and data breaches because of the need for open communication between teachers and their students through online platforms. In this case, one private school discovered malicious code inside their internal network that provided outside access to adversaries. Without a properly secure network, this school was left vulnerable to a data breach of confidential information.

After the incident was handled, the private school realized they were not prepared to handle any type of breach, so the team at Slate worked closely with the executive team to develop an Incident Response Plan (IR Plan) that fit the business model of the school. Once the IR Plan was completed and approved, our team then created a comprehensive security plan that the school now uses to mitigate and lower their level of risk. Now the private school is more secure and prepared to handle possible security incidents.

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