Pentesting, also known as penetration testing, is a series of security assessments that determine your organization’s vulnerabilities and check on its security posture. In today’s current climate, information data breaches, leaks, insider threats, and espionage are almost inevitable. The entry points to your organization’s security systems have only increased with the use of personal devices and remote employees. Which is why we offer pentesting to reveal and mitigate these risks.

Slate’s team of qualified penetration testers leverage their vast experience with Red Team engagements to tailor a customized assessment based on your organizational needs. Our experienced team will know if your organization requires a threat and vulnerability assessment, an advanced penetration test, or a combination of the two. These assessments will provide insight to the potential deficiencies and weak points throughout your organization, which can be used as access points for internal and external cyber threats. Based on our findings, we will debrief your staff on the findings and relevant data points so that you can act upon them in a timely manner and mitigate the weaknesses.