CISO as a Service


CISO as a Service provides all the benefits of an in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) without the overhead cost. Slate offers CISO as a Service to provide the highest level of integration of your business and security systems. Through CISO as a Service, our team helps align each business unit to maximize their output while securing sensitive and protected data. We assist in evaluating the business processes to properly institute the correct level of security functions—such as deploying policies and procedures which incorporate administrative and technical controls throughout the organization. 

The integration of your business and security systems can only be achieved with the leadership role that a CISO provides. CISO as a Service dives into the culture and information technology of your organization. Our team learns the risk tolerance of your organization and collaborates with your team to incorporate controls that will not hinder their business processes. When this approach is taken, a clear and concise path for creating a security program emerges.