The Importance of Partnerships in Cyber Security

April 3, 2020

There isn’t any single person or company knows everything…. If they claim that they do, find another firm to assist in your path to a stable and healthy security posture. Throughout the years in this field, I have seen and worked on a lot of programs within a vast array of markets. As Slate grew our consulting practices, we realized that our ability to provide proficient Security Services, from vCISO, Compliance Audits, PenTesting, Engineering Support, etc…, was based on a support structure with industry partners.  

As we sat back and reflected on this realization, we truly understood the value of these partnerships. These relationships have been cultivated through years of trust and collaboration on different projects. With these periodic discussions and partner projects, growth and new ways of implementing a control, tool or “widget” is explored. This does not happen in a silo. There is no real viable way for a small organization is accomplish everything on their own – and why would they? If we help and support each other, we all win and grow with longevity. The result is not just one organization expanding, but multiple organizations growing and learning from each other.

Who knows… it may even result in friendships that include cigar and scotch while having discussions on new markets to enter or products to bring online. With our Security Services… we added two partners that we reach out to when customers have specific needs that we cannot fill….


Epoch, Inc.

Atlantic Data Forensics
Digital Forensics